Asian Domain Name Scam

Please be very cautious if you receive an email from an Asian domain name registrar alerting you that someone is purportedly attempting to register a version of your domain name, brand name or product name.

Such emails often appear to come from an Asian Registrar who has received a request by a third party to register your domain name in top level domains such as .ASIA, .CN, .HK, .TW, .KR, .JP, etc. In these email, it will be claimed that during their “auditing” process they discovered the domain names this third party is attempting to register might infringe upon your Trademarks and Intellectual Property and as a precaution are seeking your permission before allowing the registration. Of course, they will happily assist you in registering these names for yourself, as well.

These emails are an attempt at a Domain Name Scam. This third-party attempt to register names similar to your own is  fictitious, and the intention behind the email is to frighten you into registering domain names through their service. From what we understand, those who have responded to such “offers” for help with these domain name registrations subsequently receive countless additional offers for other similar domains they indicated should be registered.

You should ignore any such unsolicited offers and fictitious warnings. For the record, we know of no legitimate Domain Registrars which perform an “audit” process to locate holders of similar domain names before allowing the registration for a domain name.

If you do want to legitimately check the available of your domain name in many international top level domains (TLD), you can use our domain name registration system.

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