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Website Development - Frequently Asked Questions

I need a website. How do I get started?

The first step should be securing your domain name. Obviously, you will need to build your site and select a web hosting provider. While much of this you can accomplish yourself, there are many advantages of working with professionals who can help make sure the job gets done properly, within budget and on time. Novo Ops can assist you with all phases of your site development, from selecting the perfect name to completing the site and publishing it online.
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Do you charge per page pricing for website development?

No. While it is a common practice by many to set the pricing for website development on a per page cost, we do not believe in this practice. The pricing for your website should be based on the work required to complete the project, and not on an arbitrary page count. While the total amount of content for the site will always be a factor in the cost of the development, you should not have to worry that adding an additional page will translate into additional charges.
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Can I make changes to my site once it is completed?

Yes. In fact, we believe that is a very important component of a good web design. All sites we build are planned with upgrades and modifications in mind. While the component files for your site are always available for you to edit, we typically build dynamically driven sites avoiding the need to replicate common elements of your site and simplifying any future site development and changes. For more frequently updated sites we offer content management systems which can make it easy to manage all the components of your site.
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What the difference between custom website development and template built websites?

While a template built website might be appealing for its low cost and potentially quick implementation time, it is significantly different from a custom built site. With a custom built website you get a unique design built specifically for the needs of your business. When using a prebuilt website template, you are likely not the only one using that design, with potentially many others using it; you are often limited in the amount of customization you can do; the resulting site is often not built to be search engine friendly, limiting your success with search engines; you often lack the adaptability and scalability you get with a custom site; and you often encounter coding practices which may make the site not work well in all browsers. In addition, with custom development, you often get a site which is much easier to maintain and update. Custom website development is often a better choice if you want your business to stand out from the crowd and you need a memorable site
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