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Domain Name Guidelines

  • Use a .COM top level domain (TLD) whenever possible
    • An alternate TLD can be good if it has specific meaning to your name or business, such as .TV, .FM, .MD
    • For organizations and non-profits .ORG is a highly recognized TLD that most users approach with trust
    • For personal sites, .ME is a fairly new TLD that is another good option

  • Keep the name as short as possible. It will be easier to remember and less likely to be typed incorrectly. Try to limit your name to two or three words, if possible.

  • Avoid the use of hyphens, whenever possible.

  • Avoid using numeric digits, unless specifically needed as an important part of the name. If numbers are used, consider also registering the corresponding name with the numbers spelled out.

  • Look at the ways your chosen domain name could be easily misspelled, and consider registering these alternative domains as well. If your name could be entered in both singular and plural form, considering registering both.

  • Try to avoid words that are difficult to spell.

  • Unless an integral part of your name, avoid using common and unnecessary words such as "the", "my", "your", "company", "business", "corp" and "inc", as well as commonly overused words such as "web", "website", "online", "global" and "virtual".